How to choose the perfect paint colour for your home’s interior

A splash of colour is the best way to make your home and any space within it unique. The paint colours you choose can reflect your individual style and personality.

It can be difficult to choose the right colours for your interior walls. Here are some tips.

1. Get inspired

Finding inspiration for the space that you desire to decorate is the first step in choosing the right colour.

Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines dedicated to home decor are great places for ideas. Even if you don’t live in the area, you can still find inspiration by looking outside at the beauty and natural surroundings. You can get as much inspiration as possible to achieve the feeling you desire.

2. Create a design

After you have an idea of what you want your room to look like you can start to create a design concept.

It is important to have a design in your mind. This will make it easier to find the right colour for you than matching furniture with the same colour.

3. Get out the colour wheel

Once you have a design idea, it is possible to start working with colours. This will make it much easier as you only need to find the right colours and sheens to match your design.

A colour wheel is a great place to start for seeing all the options you have. Most paint retailers will have colour wheels for sale or in-store to help you when buying paint. You can also test out colours online using the colour visualizer

  • Canva
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Behr

Although it might seem overwhelming, having a design and your favourite colours will help make things easier. Here are some tips to help you choose the right finish for your home.

  • Matte Matte finishes are very easy to use in living rooms, bedrooms and other areas that receive low traffic. A matte finish can also be used on ceilings.
  • Eggshell – A eggshell finish is very shiny and will give your room a feeling of openness without making it too bright or sparkly. A wall with an eggshell finish is also easier to clean than walls with matte finishes.
  • Satin – A satin finish is best for high-traffic areas and places where moisture is expected. This finish is a little shinier than an eggshell, but it’s much easier to clean and can be used in bathrooms or kitchens.
  • Gloss – Gloss finishes are available in a semi- or high gloss version. They can be shiny or matte. While gloss finishes can be used for furniture and railings as well as cabinetry, we don’t recommend them for walls.

This is where a colour consultant might be most helpful. The entire process will be simplified if you have a skilled painter who can help you understand how colours interact with furniture and rooms.

4. Check the colours

After you have chosen the colours and finishes you like, it is time to test them in your own home. Low-cost paint samples are available at most paint stores.

Paint the walls in the desired colours with a few samples of paint. Let them dry, and then observe how they look under different lighting conditions and during the day. Paint colours can look different depending on the weather. Don’t be afraid of testing them over several days.

To see how your rooms will look after painting, you can also use Dulux’s colour visualizer app. The desktop version is available or you can download the app to your iOS, and Android phones.

5. Get out there and paint

After you are satisfied with the results of your tests, it’s time to start painting your home. Painting your home can be a rewarding experience.

How do you prepare your house to paint interiors? You don’t need to be anxious about choosing the right colour for your home. You can make the right choice if you follow these steps. If you need some help, it’s always a good idea to ask a professional for assistance in Faerie Glen.

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