We are the painting experts for your home and commercial door painting project.

Door Painting Services – Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand

Do you need your door painted?

It is time for your house to add that fresh coat of paint to your door for your next door painting job.

Painting the doors of your home is an exciting change when the door needs that fresh coat of paint. We are your painting experts and ready to skillfully paint the doors to the best quality you had in mind for your door painting project.

We are the painting experts for your home and commercial door painting project.


How long after painting a door can you close it?

You should wait at most two days before closing any interior doors. This is especially important in humid areas when the paint takes longer to dry. To prevent paint from sticking to exterior doors, remove weather stripping and cover them with a painter’s tap.

How long should the door paint dry?

Allow exterior doors to dry completely after you have finished your last coat.

How many coats of paint do doors need? 

Two coats

Two coats are enough, but it’s possible to use more. The drying times will vary depending on many factors including the paint and varnish quality, the environment and the surface being painted.
Interior door painting of your home can be painted by experts

What paint is used for doors?

Acrylic resin and latex-based exterior paints are the most popular to use for door painting. They also come in semi-gloss finishes for interior door paint. The most versatile exterior paint, latex-based, is very popular. It fills in any imperfections and resists chipping and cracking of your door.

How do you prepare a door for painting?

If you know how to paint a door, clean the door with a degreaser cleaner before painting the door. Use spackle or sandable filler to fill in any holes and fix any imperfections in your door before you paint the door. To smoothen the surface of the door, use 120-grit sandpaper. This will make it more able to absorb primer and paint for door painting. Before priming or painting, clean off any dust on the door.