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Do you need your home interior painted?

It is time for your house to have that fresh coat of paint added to it with the right interior paint for your next paint job.

Painting the interior of your home is an exciting change when your home needs that fresh coat of paint. We are your painting experts and ready to skillfully do the interior painting project you had in mind for your house.

We are the painting experts for your home and commercial interior painting project.

Interior painting for the walls of your home


What should you not do while painting interior walls?

Do not: Take out all lighting. You’ll still need lighting to see your work. You shouldn’t tape windows over because you will need to ventilate the paint on the wall.

Use painter’s tape for covering edges and surfaces (doorways, mouldings, window sills) that you aren’t painting to avoid getting the paint on those surfaces.

How often should the interior be repainted?

Your interior walls should be painted every 3 to 5 years for the best results of your paint job. You may need to repaint your walls sooner if you are renovating or changing the design of a room. You may need to paint more frequently depending on your life, your family and your activities to prevent walls from looking dingy.

Interiro painting walls with the paint colour of your choice

Which colour is best for the kitchen?

White, grey, blue and yellow are the best kitchen colours to paint the walls of your kitchen. Although each shade of paint can have a different effect on the space, they all contribute to a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Red and other warm colours are great choices for kitchens.

Which colour is best for a bathroom?

White is timeless when it comes to the paint colour of the bathroom walls. While cool whites create a clean, crisp look, off-whites warm up dark spaces. You can create a trendy look by pairing white with a dark accent colour such as black, hunter green, or navy blue on the wall.

How long does the painted interior last? 

Between 5-10 Years

An interior paint job that is well done will last for 5-10years and possibly even longer. There are many factors that can affect the longevity of your paint.

How do you know if interior paint is bad?

These are some ways to tell if your paint is bad.

  1. Paint smells or is mouldy: If the paint has been stored for a while, it may start to mould or mildew. 
  2. Paint can be “chunky”: If paint sits for too long, it will settle. You’ll need to stir the paint before you start using it