We are the experts that know how to paint metal surfaces

Metal Painting – Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand

Do you need a metal surface painted?

It is time to add that fresh coat of paint to your metal for your next painting job.

You need to paint the metal surface of your building which is an exciting change when the metal surface needs that fresh coat of paint. We are your painting experts and ready to skillfully paint the metal surfaces to the best quality you had in mind for your painting project.

We are the painting experts for your home and commercial painting project.

We are the experts that know how to paint metal surfaces


What happens if you paint over metal?

Paint won’t stick to metal surfaces as well as wood or plaster. Metal is more prone to oxidation than. It is important to paint metal with a paint that is specifically formulated for it, especially if you want control of weathering and rust.

Does paint protect metal? 

Paint is an inexpensive and effective way to prevent rust. Paint acts as a protective barrier between the metal and corrosive materials. If you want to prevent oxygen and water from corroding the metal, oil-based paints will be the best option.

Knowing how to paint metal is our expertise

What is the purpose of painting on metal?

Painting protects base metal and is cost-effective. It can extend the life expectancy of the base metal when using metal paint.

How long does paint on metal last?

Aluminium/metal siding can last 8-15 years between painting jobs. If the metal has been electrostatically powder-coated in a factory, the paint finish can last from 10-25 years.

How do you protect metal when painting?

Prime the Metal

Preparing the metal for painting is a good idea. It will help prevent rust from leaking through the paint. The primer helps the paint stick to the metal. You can also coat the metal with a primer zinc chromate that is specifically designed for coating rust if you haven’t managed to get rid of the rust on the surface.