Painting vinyl siding of your home

Siding Painting – Pretoria, Centurion and Midrand

Do you need your siding painted?

It is time to add that fresh coat of paint to your siding for your next painting job.

You need to paint the siding of your building which is an exciting change when the siding needs that fresh coat of paint. We are your painting experts and ready to skillfully paint the siding to the best quality you had in mind for your painting project.

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What happens if you paint siding?

Vinyl siding can be painted, provided it is in good condition. However, older siding should not be painted. Vinyl siding should be painted in a similar colour. Darker colours can lead to overheating. Vinyl-safe exterior paint gives you the best results.

Why does paint peel off the siding? 

When wood is wet and the sun heats it up, water can turn into vapour. This creates a blister. The vapour pressure can quickly pop off siding paint.

Painting vinyl siding of your home

How many times can you paint siding? 

Aluminum Siding – It requires a new paint job once every 6 years. Wood Siding – It is recommended to repaint wood siding every 5-7 years. We know how to paint vinyl siding in your home.

How long does painting your siding last?

Paint should be applied to painted siding approximately every 5 years. painting vinyl siding can be hard to paint because of its texture and constant expansion of your siding. Paint maintenance may also be required for any issues with paint adhering to or peeling from sunlight or moisture of the siding.

How do you clean the siding before painting?

You can scrub every square foot of the siding with a brush, a bucket and a hose. Manual washing is the best method to clean your siding because it uses less pressure than water pressure and can be done by hand using a brush to clean the siding.